Is your PHP app truly secure?

Let's make sure you get home on time and sleep well at night.

Learn the security basics that a senior developer usually acquires over years of experience, all condensed down into one quick and easy handbook.

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Building Secure PHP Apps Ebook

This book gave me quite a few new insights and made me aware of potential weaknesses in my own applications.

- Maks Surguy

You can never know enough about security.

- Bret Atkin

10/5 would read again!

- Jeff Carouth

What You'll Learn

Several years ago I was writing a web application for a client in the CodeIgniter PHP framework, but CodeIgniter didn't include any type of authentication system built in. I of course did what any good/lazy developer would do and went on the hunt for a well made library to supply authentication capabilities. To my chagrin I discovered that there weren't any clean, concise libraries that fit my needs for authentication in CodeIgniter. Thus began my journey of creating Ion Auth, a simple authentication library for CodeIgniter, and a career long crusade for securing web applications as well as helping other developers do the same.

Here we are years later, a lot of us have moved on to other frameworks or languages, but I still repeatedly see basic security being overlooked. So let's fix that. I want to make sure that you'll never have to live the horror of leaking user passwords, or have someone inject malicious SQL into your database, or the suite of other "hacks" that could have been easily avoided. Let's make sure we all get home on time and sleep well at night.

Erase Your Fears
No more late nights.
No more scary phone calls from clients.
Peace of Mind.
Learn how to write a truly secure PHP web application.
Sleep is one of the most important things for your productivity, don't let security issues get in the way.

Overview of Building Secure PHP Apps

This is a quick read, at just over 100 pages. This is a handbook style guide to specific items you can act on. The following sections will be covered:

  • Chapter One

    Never Trust Your Users - Escape All Input

  • Chapter Two

    HTTPS / SSL / BCA / JWH / SHA and Other Random Letters, Some of Them Actually Matter

  • Chapter Three

    Password Encryption and Storage for Everyone

  • Chapter Four

    Authentication, Access Control, and Safe File Handing

  • Chapter Five

    Safe Defaults, Cross Site Scripting and other Popular Hacks


All code examples are written in PHP with accompanying source code on GitHub.

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The Testimonials

These people think you should buy this ebook.

Tony Dew
Tony Dew

Great balance of what you need to know, why you need to know it, and how to do it. This book is worth every penny.

Jeff Carouth

10/5 would read again!

Jeff Carouth
Maks Surguy
Maks Surguy

This book gave me quite a few new insights and made me aware of potential weaknesses in my own applications.

About The Author

Ben Edmunds leads development teams to create cutting-edge web and mobile applications. He is an active leader, developer, and speaker in various development communities, especially the CodeIgniter and Laravel PHP framework communities. He has been developing software professionally for over 10 years and in that time has worked on everything from robotics to government projects.

PHP Town Hall podcast co-host. Open source advocate. Nice guy.

Ben Edmunds
Ben Edmunds

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Never lose another night's sleep to security issues. Using the patterns outlined in this ebook you'll only have to email your clients about their bills and not about a compromisation.